Our underwater studios

From swimming pool to professional studio

When we photograph your baby or toddler swimming underwater, we don’t just pop below the surface and take a quick snap with a little hand-held camera. Instead, we pop together 12 poles, 6 brackets, 44 bungee cords and a bespoke blue canvas to create a 9m² otter den. We then add two lighting arms, rigged up with clever lights which are capable of rapidly firing off 3 shots per second. A few secret wires and funny gizmos later and - presto! We've transformed an ordinary swimming pool into a professional underwater studio. It takes us a while, but it's pretty cool!

Our photographers use state-of-the-art cameras which are enclosed in water-tight housings - and they need to work quickly to get the best chance of a fantastic shot and to keep our Water Babies happy.

Photo of underwater studio

The show will go on…
We maintain our equipment very carefully — and it also gets upgraded regularly to keep pace with the latest technological developments. All of our photographers carry extensive spares and can quickly replace any troublesome parts, should the need arise. And that means the show can go on!

We’re one step ahead!
Don’t worry. Your precious pictures are doubly safe: one of the reasons we're so specific about the cameras we use is that there are two memory cards in each one, and we save every photo to both cards. One card goes off to the processing house, where they also copy it (twice), and we keep the other one very safely up our sleeve!