Choosing your photos

Hold it, splash, bang, wallop, what a picture!

Because we’ve specially customised our equipment, we’ll be able to quickly transfer your images for you to view once you’ve dried off – because we know that’s the most exciting bit and you don’t want to have to wait! Seeing your photos for the first time is a real burst-with-pride moment, so we recommend waterproof mascara for the ladies (and any dads who are so inclined!).

Your viewologist
With so many images to choose from, you'll almost certainly have some questions, want to compare shots or maybe even want to know whether we can make 'tweaks' to create that perfect image. That's where your viewologist comes in: using our professional viewing software, they'll be on hand to expertly guide you through your various options and answer any questions you might have.

Going digital
This is by far the most popular option - after all, the only limit to what you can do with digital photos is your imagination! They'll come on a cool Water Babies DigiStick (USB stick, for the uninitiated!), along with clear guidelines on copyright and how they can be used. Every DigiStick contains:

  • Your favorite high-resolution digital images, which you can use wherever you like, whenever you like, to make whatever grabs your imagination. From canvases, cards, phone covers, t-shirts and Christmas baubles, to projecting your incredible photos onto the side of your house -  the possibilities are endless!

  • Screen-resolution versions of the same images, ideal for proudly posting on Facebook and other social networking sites or emailing to friends and family. By far the quickest way to show everybody just how clever your little one is!

We also offer outstanding production services, so if you decide you'd like to create something incredibile from your digital images just contact your local office. 

Editing your photos
Once you've chosen your favourite images, we'll then work with one of the most experienced photography labs in the UK to ensure your photos meet our very exacting standards. One of their editors will hand-check your photos to ensure the final result is truly amazing - not an automated system in sight!

And if we need to do any further editing, or you have any special requests, our brilliant team of highly-trained and experienced editors is always on hand to perform those photographic miracles for us.

Underwater photo before editing Underwater photo before editing

Underwater photo after editing Underwater photo after editing

Can't decide? 
If you can't decide which images to choose, or want to buy some more images at another time, don't worry - we keep all our digital images for several years, so you can come back at any time.

Enjoying your photos
Once you’ve chosen what you want, you can expect to receive your digital photos within 3 weeks, and any products within 6-8 weeks — but we’ve been known to be much faster than this!