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Baby swimming with Water Babies is an exciting, enriching experience for both you and your little one. Not only does it teach vital life skills, but it also enhances the way babies and toddlers learn other skills too. No one else reaches our high standards of professionalism, and no one else works harder to make sure you and your little one feel happy and safe. We always incorporate lots of bonding, fun and socialising, so you can be sure that a Water Baby is a happy baby!

Classes across Markham are run by Jessica Tang. Jessica was born in Calgary, Alberta but has lived in Toronto since she was six months old. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from York University she has spent a number of years working in the healthcare industry. Now a mother to three girls, she began her Water Babies journey by taking her middle daughter, Ellie, to swim with Toronto Water Babies’ very own Shawn Goldmintz in 2015.

Jessica always knew that she wanted to run her own business but wasn’t sure exactly what sort. “It was when I started to get a lot of compliments about my daughter whenever I took her swimming that I thought Water Babies was what I wanted to do (this and my love for children!)” Jessica recalls. “People would say how strong and confident Ellie was in the water, thanks to her lessons”. She then went on to qualify to be a Water Babies teacher in 2018 and now she owns her own business!

“It makes me immensely proud to be a Water Babies teacher when I see the little ones' progress with their skills without them even realizing it. I love it when I’m able to help them overcome a particular struggle, like not being able to float on their backs while kicking their legs. It’s seeing those moments that makes Water Babies so amazing to be part of. I love what I do!”

Jessica would love to hear from you, so why not give her a call? Or check out the Water Babies Markham Facebook page.

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