Baby swimming photo shoots

Take a photo of your little Water Baby home to treasure

Our little Water Babies grow up so quickly, so an underwater photo makes for a unique keepsake, a wonderful gift, and a truly beautiful piece of art in its own right - and we know that you'll treasure it forever!

The best time to schedule a shoot
We schedule shoots at the end of every term, so there's always an opportunity to get a stunning photo. The best time for that classic 'Nirvana' shot everybody wants is when your baby is between 3 and 9 months old. Before then, they can be too small for the frame and any later, they tend to be such strong swimmers that it’s sometimes tricky (but not impossible) to get the shot - they just want to swim!  But don't worry - we assess every baby individually and will tell you what's going to work best for your baby.

You can then go on to have toddler, sibling and family photos taken as your Water Babies story continues - a beautiful record of a magical time!

Strike a pose
The shoot is based on activities from your normal lessons, with the photography carefully interwoven. Over the years we've found this to be the best way of making sure both you and your baby relax, feel safe and enjoy yourselves - which in turn means we'll get the best photos we can. So after a few fun and familiar exercises to get your little one in the mood, you’ll pass them over to our dipographer who’ll swim them in front of our professional photographer in our underwater studio Ker-splash, ker-lick!

photo of KairiPhoto of Kairi

We’ll usually do a total of 3 submersions, (as long as you, your baby, and the team are all happy about it), with up to 3 shots on each one - meaning you'll get up to 9 images to choose from. We’re pretty darn confident that we’ll get at least one (often more) really beautiful image of your baby underwater.

Awesome images
Not that we're bragging (ok, we are), but the photos we take really are world-class — they’re very high resolution, suitable for printing up to any size (side of a house, anyone?), and our processing and production facilities are the very best. Every inch of what we do goes towards making you go ‘wow!’ - we love that part!

Decisions, decisions ...
Now this is really exciting - it's when you’ll get to see your images for the very first time and choose all your favorites for your DigiStick! We’ll always be on hand to answer any questions (and to offer a second opinion if you want it). And if you really can’t decide, don’t worry – since we’ll hold onto your pictures for several years, you can ‘bank’ them now and then buy them later.